Sex, the liberating delusion.

A sensual and passionate desire that captivates us all. Leaving a tingling feeling from our finger tips to our toes. Yet, well aware of the century we exist in, I guess it is a comforting delusion to believe that we are liberated, from the so called hang-ups and taboos of the old ages. Yet somehow, we still find ourselves with the shameful feeling lurking behind our shoulders if we were to ever mention these unspoken desires. We spit on the faces and claim they’re the reason behind the glorification of sex, making it the centre of our lives. I hate to break it to you, however, we have yet to begin to speak about these unspoken desires. We are yet to speak about sex, and I mean really speak about it.

As the world continues to believe the idea that we are sexually liberated, I unfortunately will have to disagree on the matter. Nearly every person I have known from a young age have been exposed to sex. One by one slowly each grew close to the idea of losing their virginity young, and so they did. I was certainly one to do so however, unfortunately not of my free will. I was exposed to it at the age of 13 still unaware of the exact definition of the word. I was scared and lonely but tragically I felt dirty. No matter how much I attempted to cleanse myself with soup, or rub my body with sand paper it simply just left physical scars, and the internal wounds never healed, not fully. Thus, I tragically could not achieve the sensation of simply feeling cleansed.

We as social beings have not talked enough about sex, and we should. When it comes to the characteristics of our personalities I cannot argue this enough, we are very different yet weirdly still very similar. We all aquire our own set of desires, as desires is what gets the world to go around and we all endure particular needs. And in many occasions this drastic split and conflict in desires can be found inside the very same mind and under the same skin, and nowhere does these desires float to surface better than during sex. A mere angel and a beast trapped in the same cage within the prison walls of our minds.

Nearly every human soul has, at least one point in their lives, have devoted themselves to the concept of love, a sweet and passionate sensation. We also try to be nice and caring too, but we cannot hold back the urge to simply tie our partner to the bed and do the unspeakable. Once we realise our minds wondering through the desires we have hidden in a dark closed off corner, an instant feeling of shame captivates us. Denying our thoughts of who we really are, why should our first instinct be to hide ourselves, surely this cannot be healthy for us?  Sexual loneliness is very much a norm even in our day and age.

We as children let our imaginations run wild and free, standard on a dessert island with the hopes of finding a buried treasure and following a rusty old map printed on sheep skin, fighting pirates with a hook for a hand and a single eye. In reality not only is would this have horrific and dangerous but it’s also simple fantasy. We certainly do live for those small moments in life where we lose touch of reality and a trip in fantasy land for a mere escape.

We always tend to find ourselves so attracted and excited by the idea of danger. Drugs for example, not only is it illegal but also addictive and very harmful to a person’s health. When we find ourselves in the bedroom with a partner, we should let our desires run wild. I mean why shouldn’t we? As long as everyone is safe and both or all parties give their consent, we should we hide our desires? Ourselves?