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Poem 24: AIR

Pressing pause on life,
Waters crystal clear, no strife
Sun rays blossoming with kisses,
Some souls bored some in dreamy blisses.
Words hanging down my mouth,
Disappears with the gust,
Over spilled sinful lust.
Herbs I inhale, bring paranoia and fear
Trick is to relax and keep your mind clear,
Enjoy the world speak to you,
I have reached a bizarre epiphany,
You are my serendipity.
A deep voice so arcane,
Lost in onism, wishing for rain.
A touch of skin, entwined fingers and hair,
Your breath is my air.

The Art of Forgiveness.

The art of forgiveness, so simple for some, yet a drastic struggle for the hatred dominated souls. Is it not in somewhat an excuse for the abusive behaviour, of the wrongdoer. Fostering hate is a lot easier than to simply just forgive the wrongdoing of your once loved one. What a strange world we live in to see the ones we devour with our hearts are to first strike a knife in your chest. You watch as once your enemies are the ones lifting you up healing your wounds. We unfortunately, are a part of a society that indulges us with a belief, that to be considered sane one must act against powerful feelings and simply suppress them. Being passionate with our emotions, enduring them to its full potential is known to be the definition of crazy. Though what does it matter to society because even the ones who walked through a traumatic hell fire in their  life, or just emotional overload are still expected to just play it cool.

yes, you guessed right. I am that girl with the worst temper, who shed tears over tiniest of issues. Forgiveness has never been my strong point, not even at this precise moment. I still hold on to my anger, hatred and disappear of certain people. I just can not accept or forget. Awaking in the midst of the dark night with sweat wetting my hair, and fear leaving me breathless of the nightmares I endure every night. The lack of sleep it results in thus relying on substance to simply be able to acquire a glimpse of sleep. How can society just expect me to play it cool?

Relying on substance to simply be able to acquire a glimpse of sleep.

When it comes to forgiving, it is not to say you’re simply fine with what was done, but to allow yourself a peace of mind. Unable to forgive one is purely the collection of the anger and rage, we must act on our powerful emotions, live to their full potential, thus to finally be able to move. We cannot just live life stuck in one portion of our timelines, that we cannot call living. Freedom is living. To free yourself from the burden, the baggage, to just let it all go we must then forgive. Sometimes we have to forgive not for the sake of the other but merely yourself. We come into this world alone, we shall die alone, remembering death and that all life on earth is one day to come to an end is crucial, as it is a reminder to not how to live ones life but how not to. Don’t live life based on hatred, as it brings nothing but misery. Forgive for the sake of yourself, and no other.